Time or Circumstance: Sales Forecast Management


Every month, week or day we sit down and try to make sense of our sales numbers. One of the greatest errors in our ‘subjective’ judgment may be our over-reliance on time as the driving factor. To better manage time elements, it’s important to manage circumstances equally well.

Rating Customer Commitment Improves Projections


One of the biggest gripes or gaps in traditional CRM landscape is the inaccuracy of Sales Projections. It is vital to know and manage the difference between being simply involved in the selling process, and the customer being committed to its success.

Be wary of customer behavior predictions.


We are inundated with the latest and greatest sales behavior predictions using social media, networking, blogging, video platforms… a digital cornucopia of the ‘it’ factors pointed at customers that will buy.

1959 Cadillac and Managing Obsolescence

MosaicCRM_Sales Obsolescence

Modern selling recognizes that the attitude of our customers has changed. What this means is for a great many sales people, economic survival relies on the consumption of the constant turnover that obsolescence requires and how the customers prefers their client relationship.



Mirroring Our Masters: As management and customers accelerate even further away from each other, success is often influenced to an immense degree by decision makers who have little experience or a ‘look’ for sales.

5 Protocols for Measuring Activity Results


Account Retention and Acquisition protocols are absolutely vital to success, mainly because nobody has the money or enough runway to wing it or buyers who have money or time to chance it.

5 Techniques for Optimizing CRM Data


The data explosion and subsequent mash up of mis-aligned information has led to the biggest area of frustration for users and probably the top reason why CRM programs flounder.

5 Pitfalls of Do It Yourself CRM Trials


Free Demos often concentrate more on how fast you can copy over what you are using now e.g. an excel spreadsheet as opposed to identifying the objectives you need to drive results. CRM changes everything: without changing your process and updating objectives is this the reason for the epidemic of such low CRM success rates?

CRM Adoption: Simplify for maximum impact.


The job of modern selling now demands a number of practical skills, CRM is one of them. Here are some ideas at how MosaicCRM makes CRM a more harmonious tool more in sync to how people sell, and what they need to sell, to improve adoption success.

Does your CRM do this? Tips on CRM Planning


If the objectives, sales organization and company culture are not sufficiently articulated in the CRM planning process, not surprisingly it won't be in sync with the CRM program. That is a problem and one you don’t want. Take a look at 4 Tips on Pre-CRM Planning that will help avoid the pitfalls!