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Guaranteed CRM Success!

MosaicCRM offers industry first: GUARANTEED CRM SUCCESS!

MosaicCRM has created this industry first guarantee to demonstrate its commitment to the success of our customers as they migrate from their manual or existing CRM programs into our modern, automated CRM tools. MosaicCRM will deliver on time, on budget, with no excuses or you don’t pay. Period.

Our definition of success goes far beyond just the software!

We take your success miles beyond just the software equations. Our Guarantee includes our promise your organization must achieve a high level of sales and marketing visibility and methodology with:

  • A bullet focused CRM road map with the tools and strategies to achieve and maintain complete control over sales, customers, business processes and sales methodologies or at least the things you can control.
  • Skills, knowledge and processes of exactly how to manage pipelines; account acquisition and retention plus targeting ideal clients.
  • Know which numbers to watch and how they will accurately predict success three, six or twelve months from now.
  • An experienced CRM partner armed with a deep knowledge of business and sales automation solutions.

Our competitors hate guaranteeing their programs. Here’s why:

Sadly there are too many organizations who believed that spending a lot on CRM or buying the most comprehensive (read: complicated) system guaranteed success. It’s understandable because CRM is sold that way. If it can do everything under the sun then that translates into automatic success right? Well not quite: no CRM program comes with a built in strategy, process or finite objectives any more so than an excel spreadsheet would. When you put piles of excess automation and data before strategy you end up with a fantastically complicated and costly bowl of porridge and not a bullet focused super train.

Understanding how your sales process can be interpreted and what can be automated is a daunting task. CRM vendors farm out the vast majority of this work to junior techies. It should come as no surprise that individuals with such little business experience fail miserably at defining your objectives, and how CRM would best relate to your people, culture and customers.

Add to this the fact that every CRM vendor can’t say no and can’t possibly stand to lose a deal over something a trivial as your success, and it is no wonder why so many users are fed up with their CRM.

At MosaicCRM We See and Do Things Very Differently.

First off, I work with you and your staff. I do not “farm you out” to a junior member. I come armed with a deep knowledge of solutions and decades of executive sales and marketing experience standing in your shoes. What this means for you is that I will design something that you will know without a doubt will work.

Over the years and with hundreds of companies, we have a proven process to first define how you can best manage, deploy and conduct your sales operations. As a team, we will compile your mission critical components to create a CRM system that is adapted to maximize the potential of each individual in your organization, including your customers!

We will tell you if it doesn’t smell right.

How you use CRM is equally critical to your success. We work with you and your team to put together a solid and comprehensive plan and well defined objectives that you can measure. Next we help to craft concise and logical sales automation processes that match your business style. If something about your process isn’t right or doesn’t look like it will work the way you want it to, we will tell you so. It either passes the smell test, gets fixed or changed to make to work right.


Getting CRM right begins with asking the right questions.

I have written this comprehensive discussion points guide that covers topics that no CRM vendor wants to ask mainly because they can’t pass you off to a junior menu list type techie. That’s because with this guide you will know a lot more about what it takes to meet your CRM objectives and be able to clearly demonstrate how to get there. Far too many CRM vendors won’t put in that sort of time. We do.

What this worksheet creates is the right atmosphere for discussion and strategy building your CRM. Let me know if it would help you on your CRM journey. Use the ‘Contact Us’ tab and I would be pleased to begin the discussion by emailing it to you.

Bill Noonan, Founder and CEO