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CRM Consulting: Getting CRM Right.

Battle Tested Experts. Trusted Advisors.

MosaicCRM has over a decade of complex CRM/SaaS experience in the hospitality, advertising, lead generation, office supply, social media, real estate and automotive industries with some of the most admired companies in North America.

What makes MosaicCRM different?

Unlike many CRM consultants and vendors, Mosaic personnel have decades of real life, feet on the streets sales and marketing experience running their own businesses, Fortune 500′s and more. We have all lived in your shoes and bring experience, strategies and methodologies to the table.

We come with open minds and ears to understand what makes or will make your organization tick and will do everything in  our power to make that happen. Plus what you won’t get is being farmed out to ‘juniors’. That isn’t our style and from what we know, ‘bait and switch’ moves like these never benefited a customer.

Getting CRM right for the way your business works.

Getting CRM right begins with Mosaic digging in and asking the right questions that will enable our experts to craft a concise and logical sales automation system designed for your specific needs. As a team we will compile your mission critical components to create a CRM system that maximizes the potential of each individual in your organization to:

  • Keep more customers with Account Retention Programs
  • Get more customers with strategic Account Acquisition programs
  • Allocate sales resources for maximum efficiency and effectiveness

We see beyond just the technology with a focus on your Business Process.

Our familiarity with over 20 online and client side CRM platforms takes the hype out of other vendor’s unrealistic promises. Our team brings decades of solution design expertise that will provide your organization the right CRM solution matched to your specific culture, business style and budget.

Sell More: We drive results for Start Ups to Global organizations.

Consulting services offer solutions for organizations of all sizes: energetic start up, re-start or national with complex sales processes.

The Mosaic team will work in collaboration with your organization to design a solution that will produce repeatable, measurable, and exciting results. The Mosaic design and implementation teams will identify the mission critical business objectives and will ensure that the results that Mosaic CRM delivers are on target and on budget!

Ongoing CRM Services.

Once we’ve designed your CRM process, I’ll work side by side with you and your team as we setup and implement each piece of the system. Once you and your team are comfortable with what we’ve done, your program administrator will be able to run it. In fact, we’ll work hand in hand until we reach that level of ability and comfort.

If you prefer not to drive the bus, we are happy to remain involved in the on-going management of your CRM system. No matter which way we go, for once, you’ll truly have a choice.

CRM Restart Programs.

Already have a CRM program with outdated application platforms, misalignment of processes or low user adoption? Looking to expand your CRM capabilities and options? There’s no need to throw out the baby with the bathwater. MosaicCRM can often re-define and re-start your CRM, do it quickly and save you a ton of money.


Pre-CRM Planning Tips for SMB’s

I’ve put together this slide presentation that covers a number of key CRM program elements to consider in your CRM Plan. Topics include Beware of ‘Quick and Easy’ CRM promotions, The Human Factors, Competition, Process design, Keeping the Culture, Applications, Abilities, Resources and Sales Process Design, Budgeting and more.


Getting CRM right begins with asking the right questions.

I have written this comprehensive discussion points guide that covers topics that no CRM vendor wants to ask mainly because they can’t pass you off to a junior menu list type techie. That’s because with this guide you will know a lot more about what it takes to meet your CRM objectives and be able to clearly demonstrate how to get there. Far too many CRM vendors won’t put in that sort of time. We do.

What this worksheet creates is the right atmosphere for discussion and strategy building your CRM. Let me know if it would help you on your CRM journey. Use the ‘Contact Us’ tab and I would be pleased to email it to you.

Bill Noonan, Founder and CEO