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Optimizing Activity Results

5 Protocols for Measuring and Optimizing Activity Results

Helping organizations and their users achieve their activity objectives is the hallmark of MosaicCRM. Our business processes offer a unique and important approach to measuring activity ‘results’.  This differentiation is particularity valuable when it comes to Account Retention and Acquisition: our activity protocols are vital to optimize activity effectiveness and success.

Here’s how MosaicCRM helps:

1: Break the Outlook habit to optimize sales and data potential.

CRM users always gripe it is time consuming to enter data. Well, in comparison to what, Outlook or a spreadsheet? Outlook is pathetically inefficient and like cigarettes, has everyone addicted to it and a useless habit that needs to be broken. There is no possible way a contact manager or excel can be more efficient and effective than CRM to optimize sales and are many times more time consuming to enter data. One click is often all it takes to maintain a customer relationship e.g. manage all things related to revenue.

  • Pipeline Close Dates and are constantly monitored. Past Due dates are automatically rescheduled, Fallbacks emailed to user and direct manager
  • Sales Stage Dates are monitored for aging and automatic alert systems advise the User to update
  • Contract Expiry Date Alerts and one click summary report
  • MosaicCRM ‘Marvel’ one click scheduling for prescribed multi-event activities tied to promotions, new leads, lead nurturing, account retention… endless options

2: ‘Vital’ Information Only.

As a company, detail exactly the vital information needed to acquire and maintain a sales relationship with the customer. This eliminates useless activity and information e.g.  You don’t need a record of every voice mail message, or the type of dog the contact has. The Social media craze might be killing your efficiency. So much of the contact/account data included in these programs will qualify or add to a sales opportunity.

Vital info can’t be ignored e.g. full names, telephone numbers, email addresses, decision making authority etc. The lack of vital communication factors makes for a crippled CRM database that can only reference historical data of low value data and not the right info to project into the future. Set out the required info, insist on 100% compliance

  • ‘Mandatory fields’ is a good feature that requires certain data fields be completed before data can be saved.

3: Measure Results, not just Activities.

Knowing the results trump activity volume. The value of recording activity numbers with non-result actions e.g. leaving a voice mail message or sending a generic email is negligible. MosaicCRM has a host of monitoring programs for ‘results’ of activities.

  • Activity Results reports monitor results achieved by activities across the board or by individual
  • Comparison Results Reports provide Activity comparisons for both scheduled and completed activities and overall database coverage metrics

4: Activity Ratio Analytics.

What is working really boils down to ratios: how many calls develop how many appointments that result in so many proposals etc. Sloppy activity management will come home to roost in a big way.  Measuring results is the only way to can find out. Start with setting the objectives and let Mosaic manage it from there.

  • Activity Objectives Planner makes it easy to set number goals for Calls, Appointments, Presentations and Email and get live monitoring by day, week and month

5: Get Maximum Activity Coverage.

Scheduling one activity at a time by ‘opportunity’ is a really hard way to plan ahead. Mosaic’s extensive account profiling capabilities make sorting accounts and scheduling en masse easy.

  • Track scheduled activity at all times for every Key Account, Pipeline Opportunity Account and Qualified Prospect.
  • Mosaic CRM monitors activity ‘results’ associated with Opportunities: what’s open, closed, lost, or a maybe… this is the most important criteria with which to measure activity efforts.
  • MosaicCRM Profiling allows for scheduling of tens or thousands of specific events across the database in a single step.