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2011 CRM Updates – Solutions that really work!

Mission Critical Components That Work

Every MosaicCRM program comes armed with a comprehensive array of practical business process solutions.  When change drives new needs, updates are standard fare because we never rest.   Most of our program updates are initiated by our customers and that is a good thing. We know you need a CRM program that without a doubt will work and we will do our very best to make that happen.
Bill Noonan, CEO


May 2011

Lost Deals Analytics

The MosaicCRM report console has added a new analytical report program for Lost Deals (Sales Opportunities). The metrics provide the individual user or management with the ability to profile lost sales opportunities by any number of factors including:

  • Account
  • Geography/Region
  • Products and Services
  • Date and Date Ranges
  • Competitive Forces
  • $ and Unit Values
  • Verticals

This unique program adds an objective dimension to what is not selling, the reasons, values and other factors designed to highlight any weakness in the personnel, product, sales channel, or vertical. With this information, organizations can react in a timelier manner to change tactics, sales promotions and more.


May 2011

Sales and Competitive Intel Chart Reports

The Chart Report console consists of 7 pre-formatted Sales Reports and 2 Competitive Intelligence reports make viewing valuable sales analytics a simple one-click procedure. Each is presented in single user format or based on permission by Group report data.

Sales and Pipeline Analytics

  • Completed Sales By Month
  • Weekly Product Sales
  • Top 5 Pipeline Opportunities (Value)
  • Pipeline Make Up Stage $/ Value
  • Pipeline Make up Stage %
  • Pipeline Opportunities Not Updated Past 30 days

Competitive Intel

  • Win/Loss by Competitor Deal Count
  • Win/Loss by Competitor (Value)

View PDF File: MosaicCRM Chart Report Analytics


March 2011

Account Monitoring and Pipeline Alert Program

MosaicCRM provides an automated method to alert Users of changes required to their Pipeline, Account and Scheduled Activity items. The Account Monitoring Alert process covers up to 6 essential messages relieving users of the need to reschedule past due Activities, Pipeline Opportunities Close Dates and Pipeline Stage stalls.

Each is updated automatically and our system emails the Owner of the update with an optional email update to the User’s Direct Manager:

  • Past Due Activity Alert – Activities are always current and not forgotten
  • Pipeline Opportunity Close Date – Keeps forecast dates accurate
  • Pipeline Opportunity Aging Alert – Monitors extended delays in Stage updates
  • New Lead and New Account Activity Alert – Lead and Account nurturing activity in place
  • Pipeline Accounts - Open pipeline opportunities are automatically scheduled a follow up Activity

View PDF File: MosaicCRM Automated Account Monitoring and Alert Program


Sales Activity Objectives Monitor

We have added this new tool to the Sales Management Console to provide the individual user and management with the ability to set key activity goals and objectives for Calls, Appointments, Proposals and Email Marketing. The program is easy to set up: Just enter the weekly objectives for each activity type and the MosaicCRM program monitors it from there.

  • Views are instantly available by Today, This Week and This Month for an accurate comparison and progress gauge against percent achievements
  • Tallies are made of each Activity Objective Type with counts to the time periods selected
  • Added ‘Scheduled Activities’ count in addition to the Competed Activities analysis provides users with the ability to better manage their activity scheduling timeliness
  • Tied into sister reports ‘Scheduled Sales Activity’ complete with single click for detail lists of what is scheduled and with whom

View PDF “MosaicCRM Sales Activity Objectives Monitor’


February 2011

CRM Navigation Menu – New ‘One Click’ Functionality

Users of MosaicCRM have a new navigation header that more clearly and intuitively directs them to the information they need to access. The navigation bar features ‘One Click” functionality that appeals to users because it eliminates the traditional multiple steps needed to access the information:

  • Priority Alerts List
  • Quick Add Account/Contact
  • Contact List Summary
  • Account List Summary
  • Pipeline Opportunities
  • Advanced Search/Profiling
  • New Leads and Accounts Summary
  • Cases Summary
  • Client personalization and branding is also added with the ability to insert logos or other images.


February 2011

Sales Opportunity Source Module – Dynamic Configuration Criteria

A valuable element of MosaicCRM’s standard Pipeline Opportunity system, Sales Opportunity Source Module provides greater insight for managing costs and promotional programs that generate sales, and offers key analytics on account retention and new account acquisition.

This report adds considerable focus to not only what works, but with whom and when. The real time results enable management to instantly analyze accounts by type to sales producers with the highest production in that category. Conversely, delays or stalls are identified and corrective action taken.

The dynamic report form monitors the source of where each pipeline opportunity originated. The results illustrate the origination and progress through the sales stages and the associated sales value and forecasted close dates.

With the Report Configuration tools, management and staff can pinpoint any number of variables by:

  • Individual User
  • Group and/or All
  • Selected Time Period
  • Selected Stage/Gate
  • Opportunity Source

View PDF “MosaicCRM Pipeline Opportunity Source Report


February 2011

Completed Sales vs. Goal Report – High Visibility Revenue Forecasting

Our exclusive Revenue ‘Distribution’ calculation design is a standard feature on all MosaicCRM systems and provides ultra accurate projection analysis of both completed sales and pipeline/projected sales values in one report.

  • Simultaneously monitor close date, projected revenue by period and expiry dates.
  • Variable quota/goal analytics included by individual or group
  • Time period by Month, Quarter and Year views.

Know what is sold vs. plan and how late stage pipeline opportunities can affect the outcome.

This report format provides an instant view of sales, goals and simultaneously illustrates late stage pipeline opportunities.  The report query can selected data by Groups or Individual sales members.

  • Closed Sale $ Values are represented by the actual revenue start date and the actual distribution of the revenue over the opportunity life time (in months).
  • Late Stage pre-close opportunity figures are included providing additional information on total coverage: basically what is coming down the pipeline in distributed revenue format.
  • Variances are expressed in Dollar $ and Percent % values together with individual month figures and cumulative calculations.

This report is just one of many strategic sales analysis tools in MosaicCRM that enable your organization to achieve and maintain complete control over managing pipelines. All of these show what numbers to watch and how to more accurately predict success into the future.

View PDF “Completed Sales vs. Goal Report Sample”


January 2011

Completed Sales – Identifier Distribution Analysis
Pipeline Opportunity – Identifier Distribution Analysis

MosaicCRM’s ‘Identifier’ module adds a separate and unique hierarchy to the Sales and Pipeline reporting modules. Ideal for agencies, distributors and networking organizations, the Identifier application results in providing a combined view of how sales are configured by the Identifier levels e.g. Location, Region, Master Account, Client and any variation of Product and Terms.

Improves Revenue Projections Accuracy

The projection analytics are illustrated by month by distributed revenue over the term of the opportunity. This is particularly valuable because revenue projections are based on when they occur as opposed to simply the close date.  The report provides for variable analytics based on the Select functions:

  • By specific Identifier or ALL
  • By specific Sales Stage/Gate
  • By Time Frame
  • Calculate by $ Value or Unit Value

Detailed Customer Revenue Potentials & Comparison Analysis

The reports also illustrate the total value by individual client together with the revenue periods providing ample alert of pending and expiring contracts. Comparison analysis is made easier with the ability to re-configure the report results.

View PDF “Identifier Distribution Analysis Sample Report