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PipelinePro CRM: Strategic Funnel Management

PipelinePro is the only answer to strategic funnel management.

PipelinePro CRM adds a dynamic and systematized process to managing pipelines. It regulates activities and progress driven by customer buying cycles and eliminates missed opportunities. Click on the icon to see a brief overview of how it’s done.

100% Pipeline control delivers unbeatable accuracy.

PipelinePro provides a strategic funnel management process that delivers ultra accurate forecasting and instant diagnostics for improving positive sales activities. Everything is linked together including activities, timing, stepped progress, email alerts and more.

Set the objectives and your pipeline management system is in place.

The program makes managing a focused pipeline and the activities surrounding it unbeatable through a fully structured process that is fully automated: set your objectives and this PipelinePro CRM will absolutely manage the process from activities to email updates. Your team is up and running in no time flat and spending more time selling!

PipelinePro CRM maps and tracks progress every step of the way.

We’ll show you how to more effectively manage sales personnel, deal flow and minimize buying cycles.

  • Exclusive Opportunity Analysis provides valuable data on not only what’s in the forecast, but where, how much to expect and importantly, exactly over what time period it occurs.
  • We make pinpoint accuracy a breeze. We’ll take you beyond the basic data and into highly accurate distribution projections to better manage revenue streams.
  • Drill¬†down to individual products or services in the same convenient form.

PipelinePro CRM eliminates any confusion.

Unbelievably easy to use, pipeline accounts, activities, alerts and management analytics are all systematically processed so there is nothing to fall in between the cracks.

  1. Individual, Team and National Report Views
    Reporting by Individual, Team, Group, or Region is a single click. There’s nothing to calculate or fuss over.
  2. Activity Objectives Analysis
    Critical Calls, Appointments, and Proposal activities are constantly monitored by objectives, results, and filling in the gaps.
  3. Possible Opportunities Analysis
    Heads up view of Accounts with potential for new Sales Opportunities.
  4. Active Opportunities Analysis
    The Sales Funnel tracked by 5 specific Stages, each with its unique objective and value.
  5. Active Opportunities Summary Report
    Active Opportunities Sales funnel is summarized.
  6. Stalled Opportunity Analysis
    Stalled Opportunities monitored for Management intervention.
  7. Opportunity Monitoring – Rollback Alerts
    Sales Opportunities monitored and automated alerts for Rollbacks, Verbal, Active Closes, and Staled Opportunities.