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AccountPro CRM: 100% Sales Visibility

AccountPro CRM: Master Retention and New Customer Acquisition.

In today’s ultra competitive marketplace, everyone is chasing your customer and new ones are hard to find. Maximizing account retention and new customer acquisition is a hugely complex affair. Because of this fact, your sales process needs to be more strategic than ever before. MosaicCRM does all the heavy lifting with processes that manage deal flow across your pipeline and with pinpoint accuracy.
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Sell more with 100% sales visibility.

Unlike most CRM’s that organize data into lists and simple ‘recording functions’, our AccountPro provides an incredible visibility of accounts. This effectively converts prospects into customers  with uniquely designed sales processes that match your style, culture and customers.

  • Customized business processes that drive successful sales operations
  • Highly automated management of Pipelines, Key Activities, Closing dates, Revenue Streams and Contract Renewal dates
  • Strategic activities and objectives that match client buying cycles and preferences
  • Maximize sales with structured activity and sales opportunity tracking for New Leads and Accounts

Managing the real time enterprise: Relation Tree Exclusive.

Managing the current and lifetime value of customers literally a single click away. MosaicCRM ‘Related To’ formulas provide incredible visibility of related companies, accounts, agencies… and automatically track completed deals, pipeline items, even next contact schedules.

Exclusive ‘Identifier’ Sales Opportunity System.

Ideal for agency/distributor applications, only MosaicCRM brings a multi-branched hierarchy to every opportunity. This means incredible visibility and identity of who, what, when and where.

Meet goals head on. Set and monitor Objectives.

In the world of sales, it is more important to know your customers and where your numbers are than most anything else. And we’ll keep you on track with Reports you understand and automated Alerts that manage the gaps. MosaicCRM also sets the benchmark for hierarchy and Team Selling configurations.

Rarely does CRM every manage what you can’t see. MosaicCRM takes a different approach by ensuring that missed activities, past due opportunity projections, unattended leads and forgotten accounts are highlighted and actions automatically scheduled for the account owners.

Enterprise Ready – with industry leading hierarchy.

Management has real time command over every aspect of how accounts and sales opportunities are configured and managed. MosaicCRM takes you miles beyond traditional pipeline management into areas where you manage quantities, dollars, closing dates, revenue start dates and expiry date all at once with one single input.

Sound Business Management Reporting.

Mosaic adds the needed dimension of sound business management practice to the sales professional’s arsenal of powerful reporting tools like the Management Console that visualize and plan each User’s business tools that cover the gamut from Sales History to Forecasting, Stage Analysis, Aging, to Activities and Marketing program analytics. We make it easy to use so that it’s practically goof proof.

  • Sales History Analytics to forecast customer buying cycles
  • Sales vs. Objectives analytics by individual, group or the nation in one click
  • Ultra Accurate Sales Forecasting complete with revenue forecasting in dollars and units
  • Pipeline Aging Analysis
  • Stage/Gate Analysis
  • Sales Aging Reports
  • Sales Opportunity Identifier Analysis
  • Pipeline Account Activity
  • Opportunity Source Analysis
  • Identifier Completed Sales and Forecast Analytics
  • New Lead/Account Sales and Activity Tracking
  • DUNS Tree analytics


Pre-CRM Planning Tips for SMB’s

I’ve put together this slide presentation that covers a number of key CRM program elements to consider in your CRM Plan. Topics include Beware of ‘Quick and Easy’ CRM promotions, The Human Factors, Competition, Process design, Keeping the Culture, Applications, Abilities, Resources and Sales Process Design, Budgeting and more.