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3 Essential Factors for Optimum User Adoption

What makes for long term adoption success?

CRM adoption is a topic that has been around from day one and has seen many iterations of the good, bad and ugly when it comes to what adoption factors work. MosaicCRM has identified these three essential ‘partners’ that must all be in total sync with one another to maximize CRM adoption. Our clients gain from this experience and can rely on us to do it right.

1: The Personnel

The job of modern selling now demands a number of practical and technical skills, CRM is one of them. If sales personnel are resistant to CRM, the reality is they are simply not a good fit for the organization. We will work with your groups to convince them otherwise and clearly instill the following:

  • They will like to use and are comfortable with the efficiencies CRM brings
  • They become wholly invested in the value of and the work needed to maintain the customer relationship, and not just a sale
  • The CRM is designed so that they learn from the data, make a profit with it and not just input data

2: The Company

From a company perspective, it will learn to wring out the inefficiencies and excuses with not using CRM.

  • Management is capable and comfortable to insist that CRM is essential to meet their objectives, no exceptions
  • Company must be focused top down on maximizing the customer relationship, not just spreadsheets or historical transaction data
  • Have a definitive plan and objective with each part of CRM and how it benefits the sales
  • CRM applications will be clear, concise and profitable e.g. something definite will be gained at every stage

3: The CRM Process

If the sales personnel and company are doing their part, it is essential that the CRM be designed to compliment that business process and structure.

  • MosaicCRM’s pipeline design and management is clear, concise, easy
  • We make sure to apply only the tools that make the result more effective e.g. don’t implement an overly complicated ‘does everything’ program
  • We have long history of implementing processes that automatically cultivate the customer relationship e.g. focus on the individual
  • Mosaic automates everything that manages the customer buying cycle and sales cycles
  • We’ll help keep your organization on track to ignore everything that doesn’t improve sales/profit