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Pipeline Triangulation: 100% Visibility

MosaicCRM Pipeline design triangulates three essential ‘points’ or the ‘delta’.

Triangulation is the process of determining the location of a point by measuring angles to it from known points at either end. In MosaicCRM terms, triangulation is the process of determining the points that make up your pipeline and its ability to hone in on opportunities that have a high probability of closing.

Pipeline management is no longer just a spreadsheet of closing dates and amounts. That is a fraction of the information needed for accurate pipeline measurement, analysis and allocation of resources. Managing sales opportunities even in its purest form is and will remain a somewhat subjective process. However, the key to understanding the makeup of Pipeline information is the triangulation system MosaicCRM puts into place. Our program triangulates three essential ‘points’ or the ‘delta’ as we put it:


1. See Close Dates and Stage Progress

It is necessary to have a target and a close date if only to measure how much, terms, profitability, risks and more. The early stages are designed to filter out what will and won’t close. Stage Analytics illustrate the filtering process from origination to highlight the more probable late term stage opportunities.


2. See Forecasted Revenue Distribution

Forecasting to be of real value must include the estimates of when the revenue will occur and over what period of time. This ‘Distribution’ model greatly affects everything from cash flow to goals and objectives.


3. See What’s Coming

Late Stage pipeline data with Revenue Distribution figures can pinpoint the ‘coverage’ a ratio of clean deals with a high probability of closing to ‘cover’ the delta between actual revenue and goal to find the deals that can make up the shortfall or delta.



MosaicCRM Management Console: Monday morning meeting have never been easier, more accurate or faster.

These illustrations are a part of the MosaicCRM “Management Console’, a report system that instantly analyses over 400 different variations of sales, pipeline, product and activity data streams by group and individual.