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Consulting and Solution Partners

The MosaicCRM Partner Channel

Establishing a partnership with MosaicCRM has all the potential to compliment and accelerate your existing business. Our partners have real-life sales management experience and expertise. Previous experience with CRM, sales force automation or other SaaS programs a given. Have a deep history in a special field? Perfect. MosaicCRM does a great job of supporting special applications. That’s because we believe that by truly understanding our clients’ needs we can achieve that ideal differentiation: The Trusted Advisor!

MosaicCRM is looking for a select group of Consulting Partners that are both Business Process & CRM experts to join our team. The demand for Web Based CRM has never been stronger and the industry is growing exponentially. Joining the MosaicCRM team allows you to represent a dynamic web-based SaaS solution with the rich and dynamic features that organizations of all sizes demand.

Why Partner with MosaicCRM?

  • You identify with our business style. An interesting hybrid of old school and new technology. Our Guarantee speaks volumes of our value to clients and performance drive.
  • Industry leading Margins! No bait and switch! We understand what it takes  to secure contracts and we want to reward you for it!
  • Executive Level Partner Manager! At MosaicCRM your resource will be a seasoned executive that has a proven background of sales and marketing business development.
  • 110% Opportunity Support! You’re never alone. We work side by side with you to create and close opportunities.
  • Technical Support! Our tech experts are there to interpret and configure the program to the clients exact specifications.
  • Mature Web Based Solution that Works! MosaicCRM is a fully developed Version 6 solution that delivers robust functionality.
  • A Subscription Model that Works! Our competitive subscription model provides an ongoing revenue stream for the life of the client.

Consulting Solution Partner Program

A Consulting Solution Partner is an established professional or organization with a proven background with CRM and Business Process/ Sales and Marketing  models. By committing to the Consulting Solution Partner Program you are positioning your organization for success with a company that values our partner channel as its greatest asset.

Referral Partner Program

The Referral Partner Program are for those consultants or resellers that my choose not to commit full time to selling and marketing MosaicCRM but have opportunities that might be a great fit for our programs.

Our Referral Partner Program is an outstanding option, by allowing you most of the same benefits our Solution Partner Program offers and paying out industry leading commissions on referral opportunities that close. It’s a great place to start!

For more information on the MosaicCRM Partner Program, please contact partnerprograms@mosaiccrm.com