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A hosted solution for maximum performance.

MosaicCRM is a new generation SaaS (Software as a Service) provider for Internet based software and CRM applications. Our programs make it possible to be fully networked without software, programming or private networks.


The MosaicCRM systems architecture was designed to address three main issues: Reliability, Scalability and Security. The program uses a variety of industry and Internet standards to maintain a wide compatibility and standards base. The MosaicCRM hosting environment and operating platform is built to be bulletproof. Using a technology foundation that top financial service and data providers employ, MosaicCRM relies on the proven Linux operating systems to keep your data secure and available 24/7. Our servers are immune to the viruses that continue to devastate Microsoft Windows based systems across the Internet.


Our system allows customers to incorporate their entire sales and management methods, regardless of size or distribution, into a single platform that is accessible from any Internet connection in the world. Scalable to any size from 25 to 10,000 users. MosaicCRM requires no client-side program installation or access through any specialized client network.