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Our Three CRM Rules

The three CRM Rules that make MosaicCRM work

How well you are able to design strategic plans, scrub and profile customers, and define pipelines will result in how well you can manage the customers’ attention span, the lifespan of your product, and the all potent sales cycles.  At MosaicCRM, we’ve created three rules of CRM we apply to your everyday selling applications that dramatically improve your results:

  1. Managing the customer’s attention span is critical to whatever follows next.

To survive you have no choice but to master bridging the gap between the attention span of the customer and your proposition. MosaicCRM had proven ways and means to manage contact activity and customer preferences with tools that make sure nothing is forgotten or dropped.

  1. Concentrated tools to improve the sales cycle and buying cycle management.

MosaicCRM improves efficiencies when it comes to managing sales and buying cycles. It’s not complicated. Just practical ways and means with a clear path to follow to bullet focus your sales efforts upon.

  • Finding the shortest route to your optimal customer requires our unique approach to designing and managing CRM.

MosaicCRM provides the objective road map and strategic management designs that the type of information you need, how to properly interpret it and then convert the results into action.


Pre-CRM Planning Tips for SMB’s

I’ve put together this slide presentation that covers a number of key elements that can help in your CRM Plan or Re-Start program. Some of the topics include Beware of ‘Quick and Easy’ CRM promotions, The Human Factors, Competition Applications, Abilities, Resources and Sales Process Design, Budgeting and more.


Getting CRM right begins with asking the right questions.

I have written this comprehensive discussion points guide that covers topics that no CRM vendor wants to ask mainly because they can’t pass you off to a junior menu list type techie. That’s because with this guide you will know a lot more about what it takes to meet your CRM objectives and be able to clearly demonstrate how to get there. Far too many CRM vendors won’t put in that sort of time. We do.

What this worksheet creates is the right atmosphere for discussion and strategy building your CRM. Let me know if it would help you on your CRM journey. Use the ‘Contact Us’ tab and I would be pleased to email it to you.

Bill Noonan, Founder and CEO