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Tools and Technology Integration – Cross Communication

Java Servlets, VB Front End, Oracle Development Oracle 9i, Oracle9i Enterprise Java Engine, WebLogic application server.

  • Existing System
    Uses a Service Log System (SLS) to log the customer queries resulting in delays in responding to customer queries immediately. No Web based customer interaction on the Online Banking site. The queries were forwarded to the corresponding support groups and support is being provided to the customers.
  • Drawbacks
    The drawbacks of this system were the delay in responding to customer queries immediately. Inability to provide web enabled personalized customer service.
  • The Challenge
    Need for a web-based, live help solution that coordinates and unifies in real time all inbound and outbound interactions with customers. Need to be extremely customized to client’s requirements. Need for a good CRM software solution would have some data common to everybody but also data needed by sales, procurement, help desk and support. Tight integration with existing online banking application.Need to transfer data from the online application for back office analysis and processing. Integration with the existing CRM solution.

The Solution

Client evaluated a number of the off the shelf products to find out if they could help their cause only to find out that none of the products offered integration with other CRM back end systems. They found MosaicCRM to be a company that understands the way the Customer service department works, being one of the front-runners on the Technology front and spending quality time in devising and implementing the solution. The benefit that NetConnect has added to its Service Chat solution is considerable saving of cost/time from live internet chat service because the customers support queries can be solved online, in real time. This system is now a part of the CRM process to provide better solutions to the customers in a shorter span of time.