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Integrated CRM with Localized Dealer/Distributor Marketing Program

North America’s largest Office Supply organization, United Stationers, implemented their new Direct Access Dealer program via a custom designed marketing tool developed by MosaicCRM.

  • Automate the Dealer Enrollment Process.
  • Pricing and discount controls.
  • Integrate Supplier and Shipping Vendors.
  • Automated marketing fulfillment process.
  • Provide an extensive Sales Support process including on lone catalogues, pricing and delivery management tools.
  • Existing System
    Manual system required sales and support staff to initiate enrollment, pricing and supplier ordering process relying on printed catalogue, fax and spreadsheet tools. The queries were forwarded to the corresponding support groups and duplication of manual processes added time, information update delays and significant cost.
  • Drawbacks
    The drawbacks of this system were the delay in responding to Sales and Distributor needs immediately. Inability to provide web enabled personalized Support and tracking. Not integrated with Vendors ordering program resulting in duplication of data and shipping delays.
  • The Challenge
    Provide secure access to select Users, Vendors and Dealers. Manage a long term marketing campaign exceeding 18 months. Need for integrated process within the Dealer’s ordering process. Tight adherence with existing manual process. Need to be extremely customized to client’s requirements. Need to transfer data from the online application for back office analysis, and processing.

The Solution

MosaicCRM assisted the Client development team to interpret the manual process into a fully automated one. The benefit must automate pricing levels, marketing fulfillment systems, Vendor and sales support methodologies and processes. All information and process documents formed a part of the MosaicCRM database, eliminating individual user spreadsheet forms. Adaptable and instantly updatable for ever changing Dealer and Vendor network.

The Results

This task was to transform a tedious and complicated manual process from several different data models across the Client’s enterprise wide organization and those of their Dealers and Vendors. As an end-to-end business process integration solution, MosaicCRM undertook the program customization, hierarchy, notification, alerts and data security functions and maintained compatibility with existing back-office systems. Utilizing advanced Java and Linux programs, the Marketing and Management Program module was fully and seamlessly integrated allowing sales, management , vendors and fulfillment personnel a centralized database structure.