Mastering Simplicity

At MosaicCRM we try to imitate a paper clip: master simplicity and keeping it simple. The traditional paper clip is a wonder of simplicity and the essence of form follows function. For over a century, it still works in spite of the fact that a lot of imitators have come and gone. Seemingly everybody’s got a simple this CRM or a simple that CRM to sell. The reality is there’s nothing simple about selling. Making CRM look simple, however, is the mark of a professional. ___________________________________________________________________________________

Bill Noonan, the Founder of MosaicCRM, is an entrepreneurial superstar for anything that CRM related with years of experience in sales systems and sales force automation. If you are looking for CRM success – talk to MosaicCRM.
V. Zammit, Supply Chain Manager, Interesense, Inc.

I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Bill Noonan and MosaicCRM, a true pioneer in developing CRM applications that directly result in improved sales revenue performance. Bill’s deep understanding of the function of selling solutions in a complex sales environment puts him on a higher level that is unlike his peers in the CRM marketplace.
Howard Highsmith, CMC, President, SalesCue Corporation

Our company evaluated a lot of CRM options before selecting MosaicCRM. Their commitment to learn about our business meant we ended up with a comprehensive plan that showed insight and understanding of our unique needs. I’ve always felt they ultimately cared about helping our business grow not just making the sale. It’s amazing to look at the progress we’ve made from our starting point eight years ago to where we are today. Whether working with Bill Noonan directly or any one of the high caliber individuals he’s attracted to his team, I’ve never been disappointed in our decision.
Cindy Blood, Director of Business Affairs, Lamar Transit

When MosaicCRM became the CRM selected by Dunn & Bradstreet Canada, I worked very closely with Bill Noonan and his team to ensure a smooth implementation which was no easy task due to complexity of D&B’s data. Bill and his team were extremely professional and helpful. This led in improvements to the CRM platform and gained flexibility and customized functionally for D&B. Truly a win win situation. Through the years I always found MosaicCRM to be very responsive, proactive and always took the time to understand our business needs and looked to solutions that would fit best. Bill Noonan and his teams dedication to quality and professionalism are amongst the very best I have ever had the pleasure to work with.
Aura Bryson, Sales Operations Manager, DNB Canada

I was the Leader of Sales Operations at D&B Canada when we began sourcing CRM providers. Bill Noonan’s MosaicCRM won out over numerous competitors. Aside from a good, affordable CRM solution that met D&B Canada’s needs, Bill and team provided a lot of additional tangible and intangible benefits. One that stands out was his dedication to truly understanding our business–our sales model, our customers, target markets etc.

Everyone says they have the best CRM and the most bells and whistles–with Bill we got a good solution that was customized to our unique business requirements and for the budget we had available. One of the best business partnerships I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of.
Bill Eves, IT Consultant

Bill Noonan and MosaicCRM were responsible for launching my web business. He brings a passion to anything he gets involved with and is uncompromising in his professional pursuit of client goals. Without hesitation, I would recommend Bill to anyone who wants to start up or improve upon an existing company!
Dr. Ann Corwin, The Parenting Doctor

Bill Noonan is a creative, solutions-oriented person who develops and effectively facilitates focused ideas. He effectively manages his staff members at MosaicCRM and leads by example. His mild demeanor and confident make Bill a true pleasure to work with. Bill excels at presenting concepts and principles in a both clear and understandable way. Most importantly, Bill does all of this with a great attitude.
Steve Stepanian, President Stepco Insurance