Learn To Take Your Time In A Hurry


The legendary Wyatt Earp coined the phrase ‘Learn to take your time in a hurry’. There are a few comparisons to sales that a gunslinger can teach us.

What Sales Process Produces The Highest Return?


Prioritize Buying Cycle Habits. The customer is of paramount importance to your business. Get into the habit of clearly defining the buying-cycle of your customers.

Dumb Customer Questions


Get you customer to stop tinkering and make a decision. Learn how Account Rating, Opportunity Aging and Automated Fallback systems can help.

Lipstick Strategy


Consistent wins are as a result of strategy, not behavior. Successful sales people are action oriented. They think in terms of doing something, often anything, and something will result. It is the old numbers game thinking. Action is always admirable but the problem is that it employs only behavioral actions...