Visualization and AFDB’s


Great sports competitors have realized for decades that developing their power of visualization is a valuable means to improve their performance. From a CRM perspective, we spend a lot of time and money ‘visualizing’ our customers.

Be wary of customer behavior predictions.


We are inundated with the latest and greatest sales behavior predictions using social media, networking, blogging, video platforms… a digital cornucopia of the ‘it’ factors pointed at customers that will buy.

What Drives Sales: Satisfaction or Loyalty?


Do we enhance sales with customer satisfaction or is it customer loyalty? The differences are night and day and the effectiveness of each needs careful scrutiny.

Sales is like a box of chocolates.


Forest Gump said it best: ‘Life’s like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.’ Sales results often share the same fate. Here are 8 ideas for sweeter sales.

What Customers are really thinking!


Motivating your customer to buy the world’s best doodad requires some different thinking in this economy. Understanding what a client really thinks can help. Having good answers helps even more!

1959 Cadillac and Managing Obsolescence

MosaicCRM_Sales Obsolescence

Modern selling recognizes that the attitude of our customers has changed. What this means is for a great many sales people, economic survival relies on the consumption of the constant turnover that obsolescence requires and how the customers prefers their client relationship.



Mirroring Our Masters: As management and customers accelerate even further away from each other, success is often influenced to an immense degree by decision makers who have little experience or a ‘look’ for sales.

5 Protocols for Measuring Activity Results


Account Retention and Acquisition protocols are absolutely vital to success, mainly because nobody has the money or enough runway to wing it or buyers who have money or time to chance it.

SMB’s & Social Networking: Economic Suicide?


Social Networking: Is it for you? Achieving millions of followers has so far been limited to a few handfuls of mega brands. SMB's trying to imitate them could be economic suicide.

2011: Change the way you view prospects to thrive.


The business climate in 2011 is projected to be brutal with less money, tighter budgets, fewer sales people and scarcer customers. In spite of this many companies will thrive. How? By changing the way they view prospects and the selling process.