There is a limit to how much distraction you can afford.

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Even the best run organizations place a plethora of non selling activities in front of their sales staff every day. It’s not to say that these are trivial. What I am saying is how much can you afford?

It’s hard to get a second chance to make a good impression.


Mental and physical ‘touch points’ take mere nanoseconds to associate a good or bad impression of you in the minds of the receiver.

‘Top Selling’ Beats Everything.


‘Best seller’ or ‘top seller’ or even ‘hottest selling’ nomenclatures grabs our customers attention more effectively than most anything else we can do.

5 Questions to Evaluate Your Social Media ROI


Is Social Media just a product looking for an application? Delivering information via social networks is not the same as selling, although many who don’t sell for a living will have you believe so.