‘Familiarity’ is a powerful, omnipotent feeling.


Does familiarity breed content or contempt? Familiarity may breed contempt in some circles but in selling it only creates confidence.

Time or Circumstance: Sales Forecast Management


Every month, week or day we sit down and try to make sense of our sales numbers. One of the greatest errors in our ‘subjective’ judgment may be our over-reliance on time as the driving factor. To better manage time elements, it’s important to manage circumstances equally well.

Rating Customer Commitment Improves Projections


One of the biggest gripes or gaps in traditional CRM landscape is the inaccuracy of Sales Projections. It is vital to know and manage the difference between being simply involved in the selling process, and the customer being committed to its success.

1.5 Million Miles of Zippers


Tired of ‘innovate or die’ hype? YKK zippers may prove a very interesting branding lesson. No other high tech solution has replaced it. Velcro doesn’t come close.